Import a Portfolio into CapitalCube

1. From the Landing Page click on the "New Portfolio" button. Import_Stock_Portfolio_1.png


2. You'll be taken to the portfolio screen; click on New Portfolio

                                                                                                                                                    Import Stock Portfolio 2.png


3. You can choose to build you portfolio by adding tickers or importing a  CSV file     




4. Click on the csv you want to upload from your hard drive.


5. You'll be asked if your file has headers like ticker symbol and number of shares. Click the appropriate choices on the pop-up window and hit next.           Import_Portfolio_4.png


6. You will now be asked to confirm the tickers you've selected; since CapitalCube covers over 45,000 stocks and 1,500 global equities there is a chance that your ticker symbol could be associated with multiple securities. If you aren't satisfied with the default CapitalCube has assigned then use the drop-down arrow to  choose the correct one. Click complete once you're done.



7. Your portfolio will be imported. CapitalCube automatically generates a unique numbered portfolio ID to each portfolio, to over-ride this input the name you'd like to give your portfolio in the box on the bottom left, edit any information on the number of shares you hold and click "Save and Analyze." Import_Portfolio_6.png

8. You'll be taken back to the main portfolio page where you will see your saved portfolio.


9. You can view the analysis of your portfolio, edit the portfolio or get notifications by clicking on it. Each item in the left column (see arrow below) identifies a different dimension of CapitalCube's analysis. The stock metrics are only available for stocks and fund metrics only apply to ETFs. The Performance sections apply to both stocks and equity ETFs. Add or delete stocks via the edit button and sign up for notifications about your portfolio through notifications.Sample_Portfolio_Analysis.png

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