Set up an Alert on a Stock, Portfolio, or Stock Screen/Theme.

Monitor and quickly react to the market with our powerful alerts. Get alerted to changes in fundamental analysis and investment screens based on the latest corporate filings.

  • Company Alerts for Fundamental attributes, Earnings, Dividends, potential Corporate Actions
  • Screener Alerts for Stock Screens you have created and saved
  • Portfolio Alerts for the Stocks in your custom portfolios

 In this article we cover how to view alerts for all companies and how to set up alerts on stocks, portfolios and screens you've saved. To read how to change an alert please refer to Edit An Alert.


View Alerts for a Company

Recent alerts that have fired for a particular company appear under the Alerts tab. These alerts include a change in status of a company relative to its peers; we refer to these as CapitalCube attributes. In the example below our analysis showed that Chevron Corp.'s (NYSE:CVX) Capital Investment Strategy had changed to Supporting Growth. Based on their Capital Investment Strategy, CapitalCube classifies companies as Milking the Business, Supporting Growth, Betting on the Future or Maintenance Mode. Our definition of each attribute will pop up if you hover your mouse over the attribute.



Set up a Custom Alert for a Stock

If you wish to receive Alerts on a particular company directly via email you can set these up by going to the alerts bell in the top right corner. 

Chevro CVX Stock Alert Setup.pngYou'll be taken to an Alerts page. Click on the +New button to set up your alert and type in the ticker in the drop down box beside "Company." (You can set up alerts on portfolios and screens too by choosing these options from the drop down arrow beside company). Once you've typed your ticker hit enter. 







The screen will refresh. Choose "+Add Criteria" to set up details on your alert. Ensure that your choice of Weekly or Daily alerts are chosen along with notification by email.







You can receive dozens of daily alerts on a single stock from CapitalCube. These alerts can be broadly classified in 3 categories:

  • CapitalCube attributes which are based on our analysis of the company relative to its peers
  • Company metrics like P/E and market cap
  • Company scores which are alerts on changes in the Fundamental Analysis score and Dividend Quality score that we can computed 

Select the first criterion you wish to choose and click "+Add Criteria." You will be taken back to the screen above and can click "+Add Criteria" again to add another one.


Set up an Alert on a Portfolio

You can set up an alert on a portfolio via a portfolio page or by setting up a new alert. The former is quicker.


1. Set up a Portfolio Alert via a Portfolio Page

Click on Portfolio via any page. Once your portfolios have loaded click on the portfolio you would like to be alerted on. In this example, we choose a portfolio that replicates hedge fund manager Carl Icahn's holdings. Once the portfolio has loaded simply click on "follow" or the bell icon. Details on importing a portfolio are published here. Following a portfolio will alert to you to any peer-relative attribute changes to any of the holdings in the portfolio. You can add Company-specific metrics by editing your alerts.



2. Set up a Portfolio Alert via New Alert

As with a new alert on a stock you can also set up a new alert on a Portfolio. Once you've clicked on "New Alert" on the landing page or chosen "New" on the "Alerts" Page you must choose "Portfolio" from the drop down menu for a new alert.



Your list of portfolios will appear in the drop down list. Choose on the one for which you wish to set the alert and hit enter. You can now add the criteria you wish to be alerted for on the holdings of this portfolio.












Set up an Alert on a Saved Screen

1. Set up a Screener Alert via a Stock Screener Page

StockScreener_Alert.pngClick on Stock Screener via any page. Once your screens and themes have loaded in the left panel click on the screen you would like to be alerted on. In this example, we choose a "theme" (a stock screen that we have already pre-built for you) titled "High Dividend Yield & Quality." Once this screen loads simply click on "follow" or the bell icon. You can read more on How to Screen for a Stock or What is Screening by Themes for more information on these. A Stock Screener Alert will inform you of any changes to the results of your screener. For example, if new companies satisfy the conditions of your selected theme High Dividend Yield & Quality you'll be alerted. You'll also be informed if a company no longer satisfies conditions for the screener. 


2. Set up a Stock Screener Alert via New Alert

New_Alert_Stock_Screener.pngOnce you've clicked on "New Alert" on the landing page or chosen "New" on the "Alerts" Page you must choose "Screener" from the drop down menu for a new alert. From the list of Screens that appears click on the one you wish to set the alert up for.



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