Change, Add or Customize Peers

Company analysis on CapitalCube is peer-based. Peers are auto-generated by the system based on their industry and sector classification codes (we use NAICS codes), their geographic relevance to the security at hand, and their market caps. In addition we match companies based on their business and operating characteristics. PRO users on the system can add or delete peers to customize each company's peer set.

The peer panel appears on the right of the screen (see the screenshot below). 




To Delete a peer uncheck the peer in the box (in the example shown, Amazon has been removed as peer). An Analyze button will now appear at the bottom of the peer list. Click on this to re-analyze the company on the basis of this new peer set. You can delete multiple peers at the same time. 

To Add a peer type in the ticker for the company you wish to add. Once the company is added click on the Analyze button to run reports with the new customized peer set. 



Reset_Peers.pngOnce you are using a custom peer set you'll notice a "reset default peers" button at the end of your peer set. You can always restore CapitalCube's original peers by clicking on this button.











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