Screen Stocks by Scores

Screen stocks by scores

Capital Cube Stock Screener


Screen for Major US Pharma stocks that score over 50 for their Fundamental Analysis.

  • Click on the Stock Screener icon from any page of the application.
  • Next click on the "+Create a new screen" button as shown.
  •  You can now add 3 types of criteria: Peer-Based Attributes, Company Specific Metrics, and Company Scores.
  • Click on Company Scores. On the right panel that loads, click on the Fundamental Analysis Score. It will be added as a criterion for your screen.
Now choose North America and then United States from the Region drop down menu and Health Technology-->Pharmaceuticals Major from the Industry drop down menu.  You can refine this screen to look at stocks that only have certain FA scores by typing your limits or using the slider feature.
  • Save the screen if you wish to use it again. Click on the "Save as" tab, name your screen, and click on "Save."

TIP: When you log-in you'll also see the new screener you created on your landing page so that you can go to it right away

Wondering if companies you screened moved or changed attributes?

  • "Follow" your saved screen! If a new major pharma company fulfills your criteria in the future you'll be informed right away. We'll also tell you if a stock no longer meets your criteria.
  • You can choose to receive alerts either via email or simply on your alerts panel when you log in.
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